‘Mindset Work’ Not Cutting It? Retrain Your Brain With Custom Hypnotic Recordings That Replace Your Limiting Beliefs With LIMITLESS Abundance.



Your Mind

Sure, you’ve probably heard that mindset is everything when it comes to realizing your vision for your life and your business…

…But what happens when simply seeing your mindset blocks isn’t enough?

If you know you’re struggling with self-worth, money blocks, upper limit blocks, limiting beliefs, or another mindset-related issue—but you just can’t seem to lay those beliefs to the side no matter how hard you try…

Hypnosis is a powerful performance coaching tool that can help you retrain your brain for good, replacing the thoughts that keep you playing small with a new, expansive, supportive set of beliefs. 

Your Mind


01/ Vision Work & Consult

Our process starts by getting crystal clear about what you want to create. You’ll be guided to identify the areas where you’re stuck, envision the reality you desire, and get as specific as possible about what you want to create.

02/ Custom Recording Creation

You walk away from our session with a clear head. I take all the notes from our conversation and script them into a personalized audio message strategically crafted to guide you through releasing what’s holding you back. Your recording will train your brain to believe that not only are you worthy and capable of what you most desire—but that it is already your reality, and that you’re ready to start taking action from that place! Most recordings are about 15 minutes long and tailored specifically to your needs, desires, and situation. 

03/ Hypnotic Transformation

Once you’ve received your recording, you’ll implement our work together by taking about 15 minutes each day to listen and absorb. Your recording will put you into a deep state of relaxation, creating a safe space that opens your mind to new and productive ways of thinking. You can even listen to your recording as you sleep, to soothe your mind and prime your subconscious for the possibility of more. As you experience your recording day after day, you’ll reinforce powerful beliefs that accelerate your goals. 

“This work was transformational.

I am learning how to do life without these limiting and negative beliefs. Whitney is a genius and if you’re a woman, you need her!”

—Jessica Fearnley, CEO, Seven Figure Consultant

“Those are some powerful realizations and breakthroughs I have had. 

For the last few months I have been on a mission to improve my life. This came at the absolute best time and gave me the absolute best results I needed right now, right at this moment. 

Thank you! I can’t wait to see where all this takes me next and I am planning to implement daily every little thing I have learned so far!”

—Agnese Iskrova


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