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Performance Coach For Top Women Entrepreneurs Who Desire A Fabulous Life Beyond Their Wildest Dreams

Years ago, I found myself in a place so many powerful, ambitious women can relate to. On the outside, my life was going well. I had a “dream” job. I was successful. But on the inside, I was screaming. 

I spent far too long teetering on the edge of burnout. I was overwhelmed by life and work, but I couldn’t see a different path forward. 

Then one day, a fateful trip to Sephora—and an encounter with my now-favorite perfume, Tom Ford’s F*cking Fabulous—reminded me just how powerful I really was. 

I knew I wanted a bigger, more meaningful life—a life that inspired me, filled me with joy, and made me feel like I was living up to my TRUE potential. 

So I asked myself… what if feeling fabulous all the time could be as easy as spritzing on a great perfume and deciding it was so?

Right then and there, made the decision to believe every day really COULD be fabulous. That life didn’t have to be a struggle. That I could have everything I desired—and in fact, that every woman was worthy of the love, wealth, happiness, and success she desires. I’ve never looked back. 

Today, that decision to live a fabulous life has led me to become one of the most in-demand performance coaches for women entrepreneurs who are serious about unlocking their ultimate potential.

In the Past 20 Years, I’ve:

Been recognized by esteemed organizations such as the Forbes Business Council as

An expert in performance coaching and entrepreneurship

Worked with hundreds of executives, household-name brands, and top-performing entrepreneurs

To optimize their performance

Supported my clients to create six-figure months, 7-8 figure companies, and lifestyles of

WILD abundance, freedom, and pleasure

I help my clients move beyond traditional ‘mindset’ work, to literally rewire their brains, release their deepest-held limiting beliefs, and shift their minds (and their business strategies) to support the next-level life they desire. 

Show Me How

What’s Performance

Coaching All About?

As your coach, I have one goal—to help you reach your highest possible level of success, wealth, freedom, love, and joy. 

I want to see you tap into your one-of-a-kind magic and SHINE in the way only you can…

…And I want to show you how you can build life-changing wealth, all while doing work that feels passion-driven and aligned. 

What’s Performance Coaching All About?

What’s That Look Like, Practically Speaking?

My clients regularly see results like:


Creating their first 6-figure month—and locking in a strategy to repeat those results whenever they want the cash injection.

Taking weeks or even months away to experience their dream vacation, see the world with loved ones, indulge in first-class travel, and relish how sweet life really can be. 



Massively scaling their revenue, while actually cutting their working hours down to a fraction. 

Feeling like their most vibrant, confident, joy-filled and happy self in their life and business.



Dreaming bigger than they’ve ever dared to allow themselves to dream before—and achieving those next -level dreams with astonishing ease and grace. 

If you’re ready to completely transform your business and step into the most abundant, most aligned possible version of your life—I’m here to help you make that happen. 

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