Client Transformations

The Only Thing Better Than a Success Story? Watching Women Succeed With Their Goals—And Then Some.

“This work was transformational. I am learning how to do life without these limiting and negative beliefs. Whitney is a genius and if you’re a woman, you need her!”

—Jessica Fearnley,
 CEO, Seven Figure Consultant

“In just one hour with Whitney, I was able to view my situation from a completely different angle and see the road to my ultimate dreams.

Our session was inspiring, relieving, insightful and energizing… I have figured out what exactly I want to do, why I haven’t done it yet, and how to create that change in my life.

This has given me the push and the tools to make positive changes in my life and apply them daily. As a result I am a lot happier, much more confident, focused, motivated and driven—as well as much less anxious and no longer giving into procrastination… Could not recommend more highly! I’m so grateful our paths crossed.”

—Soniya Thakkar

“Those are some powerful realizations and breakthroughs I have had.

For the last few months I have been on a mission to improve my life. This came at the absolute best time and gave me the absolute best results I needed right now, right at this moment.

Thank you! I can’t wait to see where all this takes me next and I am planning to implement daily every little thing I have learned so far!”

—Agnese Iskrova

“I feel like a completely different person… Within one week of working with Whitney, I had my highest-paid week to date. After just a month, my business had a complete transformation.

Whitney helped me realize that I was playing way too small and needed to dream bigger… With her help, every goal I have laid out for myself, I have blown through and achieved.

This work has been life-altering… I’ve taken a lot of courses, and I always come away with a list of goals that I inevitably slip away from.

Whitney showed me how to set goals with my heart instead of my head, and everything finally clicked.

Using Whitney’s roadmap brought true motivation back into my business… Now, instead of feeling like I have a list of chores, I have a clear way to reach my big ‘heart goals’...

I’m excited about tasks that used to feel frustrating, and consistently going after bigger wins in my business.”

—Cassie Nguyen-Henderson , CEO, Sales Funnel Copywriter

“This has been everything! I have completely changed my approach, my mindset, and my results! 

My top wins were…

1. Experiencing my top three highest-grossing months
2. Learning to charge what I am worth
3. Saying NO
4. Starting to look beyond what’s going on now in my business
5. Passing off work I don’t truly want
6. Listening to my gut on red flags
7. Finding a new work/life balance
8. Rebranding my website
9. Viewing myself with the right mindset
10. Truly believing I am worthy and great at what I do!


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